• Christian Mosskov - Aalborg, Denmark

Christian Mosskov - Aalborg, Denmark

I walked past Silver Portrait Store Amsterdam on my way the barber shop. HIS Premium Barber & Store Utrechtsedwarsstraat 86, Amsterdam.
I couldn't believe my luck. As a photographer I always wanted to see how wet plate collodion were made from start to finish.

A Fresh haircut and shave later, the universe had spoken. I had to check it out.

Not only did I get to come home with two amazing portraits in 20x25cm(8x10) on black glass ambrotype, but I also got to see Barend and Annemarie work as a team. The pro in professional photographer was quite evident. I also go to see their printed portfolio which was very impressive.

From start to finish everything was meticulous. The results you see them create are not accidents at all. It is very deliberate and thought through. Adding the "uncertain" mix of wet plate and getting these results was amazing to see. I got to see the whole process from when the plates were prepared, to the lighting, the posing and the development of the plates in the end. 

This is the first portrait with a more moody look.
If you are in Amsterdam look them up, and have them make a portrait you will cherish forever.

Scan from Silver Portrait Ambrotype 20 x 25cm.