• Daniel Tsukasa, Bern

Daniel Tsukasa, Bern

If you are interested in photography and portraits, you must go here. With wet plate collodion, your picture is chemically engraved on a plate of silver.

Every shot needs to be perfectly executed, or else valuable material could go to waste. Barend skillfully aligns the lens in millimeter precision to the subject. He makes sure the light is exactly where he wants it. Then he verifies many times that everyhing is in order and only shoots when he is absolutely sure. The result is a portrait with wafer-thin depth of field, incredible skin details, and a fall-off to "darker than dark" blacks to the side. The pictures are captivating and powerful and one could get lost in them for hours.

The scanned/digitized pictures on this website don't reflect the full depth of the blacks in the pictures. Annemarie and Barend have re-discovered a wonderful gem in photography.

Scan van Silver Portrait Tintype 20 x 25 cm - Daniel